Project: Storytelling


Enhance your annual reports, grant applications, and other marketing materials with a compelling narrative or set of stories about your organization’s mission, activities, and achievements.

Time Frame:1-4 weeks
Deliverable Type:Written Materials
Skills Needed:Marketing, Writing
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Project Deliverables

  • A compelling narrative, or set of stories

  • Persuasive copy that can be used in appeals to donors, annual reports, grant applications, and media relations

  • Popular examples: Organization's founding story, a program achievement or milestone, a look back at the past few years, organizational backgrounder, etc.

  • Note: This project is not intended to support your general content planning or marketing but there are several projects in our Marketing & Communications category which are a good fit!

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You need this if:
  • You want a compelling narrative or set of stories to use in donor appeals, annual reports, or grant applications

  • You want to improve the way you communicate your impact to stakeholders

  • You need an organizational backgrounder for press and media coverage

The Right Professional for this Project

Skills & Experience
  • Excellent writing and communications skills
  • Familiarity with narrative storytelling
  • Ability to conduct interviews, synthesize information and craft stories for marketing purposes

Can spend 10-15 hours over 1-4 weeks


Works remotely from anywhere

What you give

Expect to spend approximately 3-4 hours managing this project
What you should have prepared
  • Stated goal of story, including specific use case if possible
  • Ability to provide additional supporting data when necessary (e.g,. access to individuals willing to be interviewed, organizational history, etc.)

What you get

Money Saved


Based on general market rates for professional contractors, we estimate that it would cost you about this much to outsource this work.

Hours Saved


Based on the scope and complexity of this project, we estimate that it would take about this long to complete the work on your own.

Skills Learned

Typical Project Plan

Prep: Information Gathering
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss the objectives of project and key audiences
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with relevant background materials (e.g., annual reports, white papers, brochures, organizational history)
Milestone 1: Storytelling Framework
  • Professional presents and discusses primary story angle(s) to the Volunteer Manager
  • Volunteer Manager facilitates interviews between Professional and individuals willing to share their story (if applicable)
Milestone 2: Document Creation
  • Professional shares draft with Volunteer Manager
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with up to two rounds of feedback
Milestone 3: Wrap-Up
  • Professional submits final version